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Adventures with Archer

We utilized these for the first year ever with our celebration of our Savior at Advent. And it was just beyond wonderful! They are treasured keepsakes for sure! The kids loved their Archer journals. We loved and looked forward to writing in them daily. I recommended them to everyone!


Such a lovely advent journal. The conversations we had each day due to the prompts in this journal are a treasure to me.

This is a precious resource if you desire to find more ways to be intentional in helping your child hide Gods Word in their hearts along with creating the foundations for communication in the conversations you will have with your children while making this a part of your routine. Its biblically sound, interactive, and just as sweet as can be! Im so thankful to have these in our home and look at it as a precious keepsake that I will save and look back on with joy as we documented these sacred memories!

In a world that needs a little more Jesus, I'm so happy to have an adventure journal that presents Jesus and the word to kids in such a fun and interesting way!!!

I purchased this journal 2 years ago when they first came out. I absolutely loved it for my 5 year old. We made it part of our homework time and it has held sweet memories of her kinder year. I will be purchasing this year for my now 3rd grader and 1st grader. Great verses to memorize & space for kids to express themselves and start conversation between parent and child. We loved it and would recommend!

-melissa pepin

Y'all...Archer and Friends has been so so wonderful for the hearts of my kids. I love sneaking a peek at their answers to the questions in these pages and I LOVE that they are growing their own relationship with Lord with a devotion book like this.

This Adventures With Archer Journal is just what we need!! I’ve used it with my grandchildren and it was a big hit! What a treasure for children to have a place to draw and write about their days in a little collection! For them to have their own biography and for parents to have special glimpses into their lives is so special!

As a parent, my childrens’ writings are some of my most long-cherished mementos!

Watch this 60 second video to get a sneak peak inside the pages of the journal



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